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Florida Lottery

The Florida Lottery offers fun and excitement for all the people who want to play new games with bigger prizes and more winners. It is headquartered in Tallahassee and expanded its business to eight additional district offices in order to better serve for players throughout the state. Florida Lottery Locations has been involved Tampa, West palm beach, Pensacola, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Fort Myers, Miami, and more. It operates in a fair and secure manner which subsuming the essential feature as integrity of all lottery games is of utmost importance. The lottery is accountable to the legislature and the people of Florida through a system of audits and reports with financial disclosure, public records laws, and open meetings. It's mission is predicated on the public's trust, confidence and transparency in the operations and activities.
Along with these, Florida Lottery continuously strives for ensuring fairness in all game offerings at It takes special measures to ensure randomness in all games and following security guidelines and procedures. At this online website, the publicized odds of winning for any game are reflective of a ratio of probabilities. Even though it has mathematical properties for any game, it will not give guarantee for winning ticket. Since all lottery games are random, there is no specific pattern for winning draw tickets or scratch offs. In all lottery games, there are equal chance of winning for each purchased ticket. Every player has same odds of purchasing a winning ticket. If you're interested to play the games at Florida Lottery, you can visit the online website wherein you can find draw games, scratch-offs, fast play, and game play.

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Draw Games

Under the category of Florida Lottery Draw Games, you can find various types of play games such as powerball, mega millions, Florida Lotto, lucky money, cash4life, pick 5, pick 4, pick 3, pick 2, fantasy 5, and millionaire raffle. Florida Lotto game including rollover results for prize levels such as 6-of-6, 5-of-6, 4-of-6, 3-of-6, and 2-of-6. For every prize levels, you can view lotto winners, lotto prize amount, xtra winners, and xtra prize amount. Xtra multiplier applies only to non jackpot prizes and free ticket prize applies to tickets with Xtra options. The Xtra 3-of-6 prize is a $25 minimum regardless of the multiplier selected for that drawing. The jackpot prize will be shared among jackpot winners in all powerball games. If in the case of insufficient funds to provide the jackpot prizes, non-jackpot prizes may be paid on a pari-mutuel basis and it could be lower than the shown amount. In order to ensure that the enclosed information is accurate, every effort has been made by the company. However, it will also control the official records of Florida Lottery, winning numbers and prize amounts in the event of errors. Including all these, you can find winning numbers, how to play & how to win, how to claim, and official game rules for all draw games at 

Scratch-Off Games

Florida Lottery Scratch-off games are fun to play and it is one of the best play games because they can give you a more chance to win lots of cash instantly. These games provide top prizes ranging from $51 to more than $1 million including many other prize levels on each ticket. In this category, you can able to play different kind of games every day by choosing from a wide variety of Scratch-Offs. When you play the game, read and follow play instructions on ticket and scratch off the latex covering on your ticket to view if you've won a specific game. Predominantly, Scratch-Offs are easy to play wherein you just scratch the ticket with a coin to see whether you've won the prize or not. You need to remember a note that each of the games will vary in price, prize structure, play style, and play instructions. The game names of scratch-offs are flamingo, electric 8S, I love lucy, double deuces, lots of bucks, $50,000 gridiron cash, $5000 a week for life, the price is right, crossword doubler, bejewelled diamond payout, easy money, wild 7'S Bingo, lucky cash crossword, and $5,000,000 flamingo multiplier. 

Fast Play

Specifically, Florida Lottery Fast Play games are instant play and instant win games that print at the store and are available at more than 13,000 retailers. You can ask the retailer for a fast play ticket or present a fast play ticket, tear-away sheet or bar-code to the retailer. The cornhole cash will be automatically printed. You're required to read and follow the instructions to play the game and view the ticket to know whether you've won the game. If your purchased ticket is won, the prize can be claimed immediately. In general, the prizes up to $10,000 will be claimed at any Florida Lottery offices and prizes less than $600 can be redeemed at any retailer store of the company. In this game, the prizes must be claimed within 60 days of the end of the game. Currently, you can view the Fast Play game as $2 cornhole cash where you can add up the total points for all bean bags and score 18 or more points. Accordingly, you can win the prize corresponding to the odds of winnings. 

Game Play

Game Play games are included second chance, advance play, jackpot combo, grouper, expiring tickets, and machine & ball sets. Second chance promotions and drawings mainly designed to allow the customers to enter non-winning tickets or vouchers for an opportunity to win great prizes. In order to get into the second chance promotion, you're required to register your account or log into your account at You need to retain your ticket or voucher after entering an active second chance promotion. If you're a winner, you must show the original scratch-off ticket or voucher which is entered in a second chance promotion. From the available listing of Florida Lottery games, you can play your favorite game whether mega millions, lucky money, fantasy 5, pick 5, pick 4, pick 3, cash4life, or power ball. For that, you can purchase advance play tickets which are available at any authorized Florida Lottery retailer by requesting an advance play or using the convenient advance play boxes on your play slip. Generally, it provides different limits for all games at this online website. They included up to 52 consecutive drawings for florida lotto, up to 52 consecutive drawings for powerball, up to 26 consecutive drawings for cash4life, up to 30 consecutive drawings for fantasy 5, up to 14 consecutive days for pick 5, pick 4, pick 3, & pick 2, and limited availability for mega millions. Before occurring all of the draws on a ticket, you may claim for a prize on a winning advance play ticket. In continuation of this, you will be issued a advance play ticket for the remaining draws with the same play numbers as the original ticket. Before leaving the store, you make sure that receive your advance play ticket. It is required to claim prizes on future draws. You need remember an important note that you must check your advance play ticket on a regular basis in order to ensure all prizes are claimed within 180 days of the applicable draw dates. Jackpot combo is essentially designed based on all the action of the Florida Lottery's biggest jackpot games. For just $5 players you will receive one $2 powerball, one $2 florida lotto with xtra and one $1 mega millions. Players will also enjoy the convenience of getting tickets for all three jackpot games in a single transaction. All these tickets are quick pick for the next available draw date and they can not be cancelled. 


Grouper package play provides the facility for players to enjoy the opportunity of three days of jackpots and two daily draws. By using Grouper, you can receive the tickets for Florida lotto, fantasy 5, pick 4, and cash4life plus. In addition to these, you can also able to receive a free lucky money ticket which gives you a chance to win five different lottery drawings. In order to get the Grouper package play, you need to visit the store physically and ask for it. They will give you the terminal print including five individual tickets such as $1 pick 4, $2 cash4life ticket, $1 fantasy 5 ticket, $1 florida lotto ticket, and free $1 lucky money ticket. The tickets available in Grouper package play are quick pick tickets for the next available draw. Under this game rule, players can not select any of their own numbers or add-on features to any draw games. The tickets constitute ticket messages to indicate they are the part of grouper package play and free lucky money ticket. Grouper ticket will not be canceled and pick 4 ticket will be printed primarily. Owing to the game liability if the randomly chosen number at pick 4 game are no longer available, pick 4 ticket will not be printed so the player will not pay the charges of $4. In addition to these, you can view expiring tickets through the online website

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