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Which Is Better: Live Poker Vs Online Poker

Most people consider online poker as a video game and live poker as a sport. There are those who prefer online poker to avoid the hassle of going back and forth to the casino. They also find the comforts of their home the best place to play games. But there are also those who would rather play live poker. These are people who would like to socialize and interact with other human beings. Some even use poker communities to build their business or to gather contacts. Choosing which one is better for you will depend on your personal preference.

Judi online

Live poker

Live poker offers a different feel from online poker. The game pace is slower in live poker so there is more time for socializing. Players need proper skills and patience in a live poker which is not much needed in online poker. Live poker requires a player to be attentive. They have to watch their opponent’s reactions, movements, and even facial expressions. Players can be intimidated in live poker unlike in online poker.

Live poker has lesser cards which makes it easier for some. A lot of players, but not all. of live poker are not that serious to win. They come to the casinos to enjoy and have fun. Winning is not their priority but is greatly appreciated.

It is easier to win in live poker than online. You usually start with lower stakes in online poker which gives you a small profit. Live poker requires more investment and thus gives more rewards. It is also easier to beat opponents in live poker than online.

Online poker

Online poker is more difficult to play. It is usually played by players who are all serious to make money. Most players of online poker are youngbloods who do not have much money but are willing to take high risks.

Some people find it difficult to keep calm and composed in a live tournament. They feel more comfortable playing in front of their computer with a soda in one hand and some chips on the other. They do not have to worry about controlling their emotions or keeping a poker face.

Online poker has a faster game pace than live poker so there are more cards. Distributing the cards consumes time in live poker. The chips also immediately go to where it should be. It is possible to play at more than one table at the same time online.

There are software that can analyze players. It will give you a summary of their gameplay, statistics, etc. You cannot have this in live poker.

People tend to choose online poker since it is easier to access. Playing live poker requires you to visit a casino that takes time and effort. Online poker may be enjoyed in a span of a couple of minutes by just several clicks.

Beginners often find live poker to be very intense and can be difficult to adjust to. It is recommended that you try out online poker such as Judi Online first. This will give you a more relaxed environment. Enjoying the game is what’s most important so just have fun.



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